With all of the sugary drinks out there on the market, it is easy to pass up a glass of water. Did you know that drinking a cup of water before you shower can lower your risk of heart attack? Also, it helps digestion if consumed before a meal and helps to shed a few extra pounds. Drinking an ice cold glass of water in the morning can help jump-start your body better than coffee; without the mid day drag. To help combat the mundane presence of water, her are a few tips to revitalize your drink.

Fruit & Citrus: The addition of fruit to your water can dramatically change your views about this clear liquid. Try using fruit that is in season. The flavors will be more profound and can flavor more water with less fruit. If you like sweeter drinks, use an over ripe piece of fruit. The natural sugar levels will be higher and a more concentrated flavor.

Don't forget to add a pinch of kosher or sea salt to the mixture. It will help speed along the osmosis process. The salt will also help to retain the moister in your body to help prevent dehydration. Their is also the benefit of a having snack at the bottom of your glass.

Herbs: Fresh herbs can do more than flavor your favorite dishes. A few leaves of basil or mint can take ordinary to extraordinary. When using fresh herbs, gently bruise the leaves to help extract the natural oils and aromatics. A lot of herbs also have medicinal properties in addition to their great flavors. A little secret; basil water will help to keep pesky mosquitoes away. SSSSHHHH

Edible Flower: An nice tall glass of rose water will make you feel as if you were royalty. Using fresh flowers are a lighter and faster version of tea. If you are a fan of black licorice, fennel flowers or anise hyssop might be for you. Use arugula flowers for a little spice in you life. Maybe a little sweet carnations to help calm yourself after a busy day. Please note; DO NOT ingest any flower without the proper knowledge or guidance.

Vegetables: This one is probably not at the top of everyone's list, but can be surprisingly good. I find vegetables that have a high water content work the best. Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, radishes etc. A dash of Tobacco and you got yourself a bloody Mary water for your Sunday jog. Stay away from vegetables that contain starch. You will thank me later.

Don't be afraid to mix and match the categories. If all these additions still don't have you sold, throw in a little natural sweetener to your batch. Use a teaspoon of natural and local honey or agave. Make sure to read the label. A lot of the mass produced honey is just man made sugar. Eating local honey can help suppress allergies during allergy seasons.

Recommend water consumption is about 8 cups a day or 64 oz. This may vary due to age, size and activity level. Speak to your dietitian or doctor about recommended water intake that fits your lifestyle. Always remember to cook better, live better.

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